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Our First Kill

Onlybones, Dec 9, 14 5:28 PM.

Game Over for Garrosh

Onlybones, Jan 26, 14 2:15 PM.

Garrosh was finally put to the sword by SB with the famous ' last go of the night, ( well technically that was 45 minutes earlier but we wont tell anyone.. ).

Huge congrats to everyone who came to the many attempts on one of the trickest encounters so far in Warcraft. At least this one did not cause permanent physical injury!

Rapid progression in the Siege of Orgrimmar

Onlybones, Oct 14, 13 6:22 PM.

Congrats to all in the week so far, quickly dispatching the next three bosses.

Noreshen Neutered....

Onlybones, Sep 17, 13 6:28 PM.

Noreshen proved a good DPS check, so it was all down to the wire to kill this boss. Gratz all with a nice kill in the end.

1st Two Kills in 5.4 are on the board....

Onlybones, Sep 14, 13 6:11 AM.

Once Blizz finally let us into the instance and with only about 2 hours of raiding left it was nice to chalk up our first kills. Congrats to all and lets look forward to some good progressive raiding. After all, this is actually the first raiding patch that we have actually been ready for this expansion

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